Three hard-rock guitarists, each with a signature sound, trade off licks and production on this wildly exotic instrumental EP.

In 2008, Micah Atwell teamed up with Jay Parmar and Cosman for an experimental collaboration. Each person would start a backing track, pass it around to the others to add whatever came to them, then mix it all down in their own way. Even though the guys share similar influences and have written their own music in mostly the same genres, Call of Chaos finds them taking things in wildly different directions. The result is not just another boring guitar wank-fest, it is highly creative, original, and fun!



Dorothy Goes To Hollywood
Cos.Mic Ja.m
Tragedy's Mistress

Track List:

  1. Dorothy Goes To Hollywood (2:48)
  2. Cos.Mic Ja.m (3:10)
  3. Tragedy's Mistress (4:06)

Total Running Time: 10:04

Release Date: June 4, 2008


  • Cosman (Marauder, Permanent Reverse)
    • guitars
    • drums, bass, production (Dorothy Goes To Hollywood)
  • Jay Parmar (Jay Parmar, Lynch Lycks, Eden's Curse)
    • guitars
    • production (Cos.Mic Ja.m)
  • Micah Atwell (Otherend, Micah Atwell, u9)
    • guitars
    • drums, bass (Cos.Mic Ja.m, Tragedy's Mistress)
    • production (Tragedy's Mistress)

Copyright Notices:
Call of Chaos EP, music, and artwork © 2008, Cosman/Jay Parmar/Micah Atwell. All Rights Reserved.

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